We all know that the the length or quality of your relationship isn’t contingent on the size of the ring you present during the proposal, but that isn’t to say it’s not an important aspect of how special the occasion can be and how it will be remembered. The engagement ring is a symbolic representation of the love, commitment, and dedication you wish to share with your partner. Also, it’s no secret that people love to compare their adornments with others’, so you should aim to dazzle with your choice. We’re here to help make this stressful time a little bit easier with this hard and fast guide to buying an engagement ring!

How Much Should You Spend?

While the old adage about spending between 1-3 months of your salary on your honey’s engagement ring has held true historically, we’re living in changing times where priorities have begun to shift and people are spending money in other ways. That said, you should spend whatever makes you (and your future-spouse) feel comfortable. We at Grace Jewelers work within your budget to help you find a suitably priced, yet incredibly memorable ring. Our Grace Solitaire line is the most popular engagement ring choice because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and with the gemstone of your choosing.

What Does Your Partner Like?

This aspect may take a little bit of sleuthing on your part. You might have to get his or her best friends involved to figure out what their preferences are as far as the 4 “Cs” go and you need to consider the practicality of the wearer. If your fiancee-to-be is an active outdoorswoman, she may not want a large ring that will get snagged on fishing line as she casts her pole. On the other hand, if you have a partner who adores all things glitter and glam, the flashier styles may be better suited for their lifestyle.

Go with Your Intuition

The best piece of advice to give potential engagement ring buyers is to trust your instincts. Your eye doesn’t have to be “trained” to know what looks good. It helps to view the diamond under LED showcase lights, by the window for natural lighting, and in regular indoor atmospheres. If you’re impressed by the way it looks under each of these three conditions and your gut tells you it’s the one, you should trust that feeling.

Insure, Insure, Insure

No matter what kind of ring you decide on, you want to insure your investment. Accidents happen. It’s often more important to take this step for priceless sentimental reasons than it is for financial ones; if something happens to your loved one’s engagement ring, you want to have peace of mind that you can get it replaced and back on their finger at little to no cost.

Stop by Grace Jewelers today! We’ll work hard to answer all of your questions about rings and engagements and all things romance. Even better, if you buy your engagement ring from us during the months of April, May, or June (2017), you’ll get 10% off your purchase and be entered into our Engagement of a Lifetime Contest where one lucky winner will be given a $500 budget and a full staging and filming team to help prepare for the moment when you pop the big question.